What we do

The name Saikan International represents the trust, faith, and hard work of three individuals who had a dream of creating a hand-tool manufacturing company that would be a benefit to the numerous sectors supporting the expansion and growth of the economy both locally and internationally. Saikan International trades in Hand Tools & Tool pouches on a national and worldwide level.

Teams and Leaders

The team is the project’s greatest asset. It is made up of a talented and dedicated team that is backed and managed by the visionary Mr. Amit K. Sharma, who has a background in the Indian Air Force. He inspires the squad to give their best effort no matter what because he is so passionate and dedicated. Our horizons are broadened by Mr Amit Kohli’s 20 years of experience in the field of International Business. The import & export of goods, concepts, and connections are maintained by Mr Mohit Malhotra who has more than 10 years of expertise in the industry.

Our virtue is quality.

An asset that defines us is quality. Our small-room start-up in late 2018 enabled us expand swiftly, thanks to our large aim of delivering quality in everything we produce and manufacture. We have globalised Saikan International in less than three years. Our committed approach and high-quality products continue to be the cause.

Technology Improvement

To keep up with the rising demand and high standards of our domestic and foreign customers, we periodically modernise our production facility. We increase the number of our items by utilising cutting-edge technology and training our employees to use them proficiently. Among many other items on the list, we manufacture bench vices and leather gears. The availability of heat treatments, a machine shop and a paint shop along with fully furnished and updated laboratories, is another benefit that enhances our reputation.

Internal production to guarantee the highest quality for you.

Our own product production enables us to uphold our standards and conduct business ethically. This enables us to accommodate our clients’ preferences and ways of doing things.